A  native of Ohio, Darlene is our most spirited guide. She loves introducing visitors to all that Key West has to offer including the amazing nightlife and after life!

Susan came to Key West on vacation over 30 years ago and got so much sand in her shoes they wouldn't let her on the plane. Embracing an island lifestyle, she resides on a boat, has waited tables, painted houses and was the Ice Cream Lady for 19 years. Now her calling is to show visitors a good time and regale them with stories of this wild and wacky tropical paradise she calls home. It doesn't get any better than that!

Robert grew up in Southern California and arrived in Key West in 1999. In April 2000 he sailed to New Zealand. Robert continued sailing throughout the South Pacific, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada until 2005 when he returned to the Keys. He has enjoyed the Keys life style ever since and has found a new passion leading pub crawls.

Fast Eddie fled the arctic climate of a small island in the Northeast (Manhattan), arriving in Key Weird in 2004 — just in time for Hurricane Wilma. And what a ride it’s been ever since. As a Storyteller, Writer and TV Producer, Fast Eddie humorously recounts the paranormal (and far from normal) history of Cayo Hueso on the Bone Island Haunted Pub Crawl for true believers,  ghost agnostics and spirit world skeptics.

Zam is a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff of 32 years. He moved to Key West a few years ago, traded in his handcuffs for a conch shell and hasn't looked back. Simply put, Zam was born to pub crawl - it just took him awhile to realize it.

Originally from Nashville Tennessee, Beauregard came out here from Seattle Washington five years ago for the weekend. Beau keeps busy doing tours for the pub crawl as well as ghost tours. He can also be found doing pirate reenactments and music for special events in South Florida. His motto: "you're only young once, but in Key West you can be immature forever."

Brian was adopted by shaolin monks and taught the art of kung fu. He then set about roaming the Wild West, righting wrongs and fighting the good fight for the downtrodden. Brian also has the distinct honor of being the only person to move to Key West specifically to become a professional drinker -- more commonly known as a Pub Crawl Leader. He is known for his razor-sharp wit, outrageous humor, and intense love of scotch.

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